Introducing Breville Commercial

Breville Commercial

Johnson Pike is proud to announce a new partnership with Breville | Commercial, representing them in the Mountain States. Pushing the envelope of foodservice, Breville | Commercial offers equipment that spans both beverage and culinary programs in the most high-end applications. This high-tech line appeals to the finest chefs in the industry and is the crown jewel of any kitchen due to ease of use, consistency, durability and versatility of function.

Sous Vide cooking introduced PolyScience to top kitchens around the world. The HydroPro™ immersion circulators by Breville | Commercial build upon this legacy. The HydroPro™ Plus brings consistency and speed to the process of sous vide cooking. The Sous Vide Toolbox™ feature provides a guided cooking experience. These recipes were developed using algorithms to perfect the time and temperature for a wide variety of ingredients. The Sous Vide Toolbox™ pre-programmed recipes:


Reduces training hours across your line cooks


Eliminates food waste with consistent, repeatable execution


Cooks sous vide safely with approved temperatures and pasteurization times


Reduces cook time with the “Fast Cook” feature

The HydroPro™

The Control ºFreak™ Induction Cooktop is revered by world-renowned chefs for its precision. The Probe Control™ feature precisely applies heat to the pan keeping the liquid in the pan at exact set temperatures. Can you imagine making hollandaise in one pan? Similarly, Pan Control senses the temperature of the induction friendly pan while heating it evenly to your set temperature. You can temper chocolate without a double boiler with no fear of scorching.

Paired with The Control ºFreak™ App, this induction cooktop allows chefs to become the instant expert. The app perfects the temperatures for each ingredient, recipe or technique in use. This piece alleviates the labor shortage, by allowing staff with less skill to operate at a higher level, so your establishment is not compromising on taste or service.

The testimonials for the Control ºFreak™ on the Breville | Commercial website are a “Who’s Who” of Michelin-starred chefs.

The Control ºFreak™ App
The Smoking Gun® Pro

The Smoking Gun® Pro allows for cold smoke production contained in a commercial-grade housing. This is a favorite tool for innovative food and drink programs, fostering experimentation to wow your guests.

Reach out to Johnson Pike today and let us help you elevate your F&B program to the gastronomy gold standard with Breville |Commercial.