Artfully Engineered

Artfully engineered by an aerospace engineer using simple modular designs, Astra has delivered highly reliable, affordable machines produced in Los Angeles, CA, since 1993. Engineered for both aesthetic and efficiency excellence, Astra products are remarkably durable and exceptional at delivering uncompromising espresso time after time.

What Astra Offers

Pourover Espresso Machines

Thermocycling system provides absolute temperature consistency and quality coffee to deliver the perfect cup every time.

Traditional/ Manual Espresso Machines

Astra’s Traditional or Semi-automatic machines put the barista in control to craft the perfect cup. 

Automatic Espresso Machines

The perfect blend of artistry and consistency, Astra’s Automatic espresso machines provide perfect portion control with the touch of a button.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Fully automated from bean grinding to pressurized pouring, these machines are easy to operate and maintain.

Steamers, Grinders & Accessories

Astra offers Pour Over Steamers, Automatic Steamers and Semi-Automatic Steamers as well as Automatic and Semi-Automatic Grinders to complete your beverage setup.


Astra Catalog

Astra Catalog

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