Our Company


Veteran leadership. Entrepreneurial drive.

At Johnson Pike, we have a track record of industry leadership that began when Ed Johnson started representing manufacturers under his own name more than thirty years ago. Corky Pike joined the team in 1988, and the building blocks of Johnson Pike were in place. As we grow and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing industry, our long history reminds us that success depends on integrity, tenacity, and good judgment.

Who We Are


We stay ahead of the industry for you.

For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our manufacturers and customers with expert insight, outstanding service, and truly dependable support. We strive to do business with the same strength of character, integrity, and willingness to go the extra mile that has defined our reputation for decades.

Genuine Integrity

To some, integrity has become a cliché, a marketing term thrown around too easily. For us, integrity has been the foundation of our business since day one. We work hard to live up to our promise.

Exceptional Service

We provide outstanding sales, service, and support based on proactive relationship building, in-depth product knowledge, seasoned industry experience, and dependable follow-through.

Unmatched Expertise

From anticipating industry trends to offering expert service and advice, our decades of experience and leading-edge insights will keep you ahead of your competitors. We’re on the frontline for you.

Our Territory

MAFSI Region 20

We represent the foodservice industry in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, El Paso (Texas), Utah & Wyoming.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado we offer branch offices in Arizona and Utah.  Visit us at our JP Café & Showroom in Denver, Colorado, our JP Café in Phoenix, Arizona or our JP Café in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our Territory


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