Bringing Southern Comfort to Vern’s Place with Perfectly Fried Chicken

At Vern’s Place, a well-loved, “home cooking restaurant” in Laporte, CO known for its cozy atmosphere and hearty meals, everyone is excited over the recent introduction of fried chicken to the menu. This isn’t just any fried chicken, though; Vern’s Place wanted to ensure that their chicken would be as tasty and high-quality as their established menu items. The secret? Henny Penny equipment, sourced through their partnership with Johnson Pike.

Local restauranteurs Alan and Jackie Jantzen became the owners of Vern’s Place in early 2023. Their decision to purchase Henny Penny equipment came after recognizing the fryers’ unmatched simplicity and safety features. With an easy-to-use system, the Henny Penny fryers allow for a seamless cooking process — just pop the lid, lower the basket with the breaded chicken, and let the magic happen. The pressure fryer technology is particularly praised by the chefs at Vern’s for its efficient and uniform cooking, producing juicy, perfectly fried chicken every time.

At Vern’s Place, they also meticulously bread the chicken using the Henny Penny breading. The chicken is tossed a precise number of times to ensure every inch is perfectly coated, following a secret method that guarantees the ultimate crunch and flavor.

Cooking the chicken to perfection takes about 12 minutes, after which it’s given a brief rest before being transferred to the holding cabinet. This combination of a pressure fryer and holding cabinet is a game-changer for Vern’s Place, especially given the limited space in their kitchen. The holding cabinet maintains the chicken at the ideal temperature and humidity, ensuring that every piece served is as fresh and delicious as possible.

The fried chicken at Vern’s Place has received customer reviews such as “my favorite thing here” and “chicken was cooked perfectly.”

HP Pressure Fryer

“The integration of the Henny Penny equipment, facilitated by our partnership with Johnson Pike, has been a crucial factor in the successful launch of our fried chicken dinner,” shared Owner Alan Jantzen. “This collaboration has not only enabled the restaurant to achieve the quality and flavor we wanted, but also to handle the logistical challenges of a small kitchen space.”

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