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When time and labor comes at a real premium, the ability to prepare food in advance and safely store it until reheating and serving to customers is a benefit that cannot be overstated. It provides a solution for one of the most challenging aspects of foodservice – addressing the delicate balance between food production and demand.

The sous vide and cook-chill method of preparing and storing food provides high-production foodservice operators with an incredibly effective and efficient solution for achieving consistently high quality and better-tasting food.

That’s why every CapKold product features unique and advanced design elements that no commercial kitchen should be without — from state-of-the-art intuitive controls to ergonomic breakthroughs that prevent injury, streamline workflow, and improve overall prep times during peak periods.

What CapKold Offers

Electric Sous Vide

CapKold, a market leader in sous vide and cook-chill technology, sets new standards for cooking perfection and consistency with its line of Electric Sous Vide products.

Steam Sous Vide

After cooking is complete, this equipment’s dual-purpose design rapidly chills food products and ingredients from 180ºF to just 40ºF in less than one hour.

CapKold Kettles

From advanced touchscreen controls to digital recording and labeling, CapKold cook/chill and sous-vide technology keeps you and your staff ahead of the curve every day and with every meal.


This refrigeration method combines flexible plastic casings with a water bath chiller to accelerate chilling and ensure higher food quality, better texture and superior taste.


CapKold Price Book

CapKold Price Book

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