Discover Spring USA’s Latest Innovations in Mobile Cooking and Heating Solutions

Known for the innovation and design of reliable, durable, and beautiful products, Spring USA specializes in induction cooking & warming equipment, buffetware, mobile cooking stations, and custom-built tables with hidden induction and cooling elements. Here is a quick look at two new products from Spring USA, each designed to be quality additions to any foodservice operation.

MAX Induction Mobile Cooking Station with Built-in Fire Suppression: Redefining Safety and Efficiency

MAX Induction Mobile Cooking Station

Spring USA’s MAX Induction Mobile Cooking Station is a cutting-edge, ventless mobile station perfect for hotels, restaurants, event spaces, grocery stores, and more. This station, made of 304 grade stainless steel with a brushed finish is not just a piece of durable equipment — it’s a comprehensive safety system.

Key Features:

  • Buckeye BFR-5 UL300 Fire Suppression System: NFPA compliant, ensuring top-notch fire protection.
  • Four-Stage Air Filtration System with FLEX Technology: Efficient, easy-to-maintain, and environmentally friendly.
  • SmartScan Technology: For precise temperature control, ensuring even heat distribution and optimal performance.
  • Efficiency Over Traditional Methods: A superior alternative to gas or electric, offering more consistent cooking results.

iLume Heat Lamp with Spring Battery and Daisy Chained Ranges: Perfect for Outdoor Ambiance

iLume Heat Lamp

The iLume Heat Lamp, combined with the innovative Spring Battery, transforms outdoor spaces into warm and inviting areas. Ideal for conference centers and event venues, this solution adds comfort and style to rooftops, patios, and poolside areas.

Unique Advantages:

  • 90 Minutes of Power: One iLume heat lamp and three Unlimited Induction Ranges powered by two batteries.
  • Modern Design with Articulating Features: Flexible positioning with a 170-degree swivel base, ideal for any buffet or display area.
  • Dual LED Illuminators: Enhance food presentation with a 4000K color temperature for an attractive display.
  • Long Wave Heat Technology: Offers more even heat distribution with greater energy efficiency than your standard heat lamp by penetrating heat energy into the food instead of simply warming the foods surface.

Join Us for a Special Virtual Session

Virtual Session

At Johnson Pike, we believe in the transformative power of these products and their potential to enhance your culinary operations. We invite you and your team to join us for an educational 30-minute virtual call, where the Spring USA National Accounts Manager will give more information on these innovative products and how they can add value to your operation in a variety of applications.

Let us know what works for your schedule and we’ll coordinate scheduling the call!