Henny Penny Helps You Take 2023 by Storm

Rising food costs are not stopping and Henny Penny has the equipment to help you get through 2023. The Henny Penny equipment line increases food yield, decreases food shrinkage, cuts food waste, extends oil life and helps cut training hours and labor costs with programmable recipes.

Their Combi Ovens cook food while reducing food shrinkage and increasing yield.

Combi Ovens

Henny Penny Open Fryers extend oil life helping you cut oil costs. The standard vat open fryer has quick temperature recovery decreasing the extreme temperature changes that damage oil. The programmable interface maintains consistent food quality and reduces employee training costs holding up to 160 recipes.

Open Fryers

SmartHold Holding Cabinets from Henny Penny have automatic humidity control giving you longer hold times, higher food quality and less product waste.

SmartHold Holding Cabinets
Velocity High Volume Fryers

The Velocity High Volume Fryers allow you to fry the same amount freshly breaded bone-in chicken with 25% less oil.

Henny Penny has the solutions to rising food costs. Reach out to Johnson Pike today.