Johnson Pike Welcomes Vertex China to Our Line Card

We have expanded our line card by adding Vertex China, a premier chinaware manufacturer, to our list of esteemed manufacturers. We are impressed with Vertex’s agility to quickly adapt to new trends and demands, ensuring they can provide the products customers need in a timely manner.

A Legacy of Excellence

From humble beginnings with just one customer, Vertex China has evolved into one of today’s leading chinaware companies, catering to upscale restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, hotels, catering, and the hospitality industry. Known for their award-winning line, Vertex China stands out for its outstanding quality, first-class innovation, cutting-edge design, and exceptional value.

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Transforming Tabletops with Creativity

Vertex China offers an extensive range of classic and cutting-edge collections along with premier custom capabilities designed to transform tabletops. This dedication to staying ahead of the latest trends and marketing demands sets them apart from competitors and ensures that you will always have access to the most current and stylish chinaware.

The Premium Collection by Vertex offers the best-in-class foodservice dinnerware in the most diverse selection of shapes and colors. The Universal Collection is applicable everywhere. Starting with a base shape of Argyle & Catalina, Universal allows for unlimited expansion into shapes, bowls and unique items all meant to work together.

If you are looking for something that is timeless, the American Classics Collection features the classic soft white color tone that helps create a warm, welcoming environment for your customer. Finally, the Better Values Collection includes many long-time standards that are still in heavy demand today like basic whiteware and the Caravan brown band speckle.

Whether you prefer porcelain or stoneware, Vertex China has dinnerware, serving trays, pasta bowls, pitchers, and more to complete your tabletop presentation.

At Johnson Pike, we believe in partnerships that drive success. With Vertex China as part of our line card, we are confident in offering our clients top-tier chinaware solutions that enhance their operations. Join us in welcoming Vertex China and explore the possibilities they bring to your tabletop settings.

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