Our Top Three Tips for Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Outdoor Space

There is something special about outdoor dining! “It’s just a nice, more relaxed feel being outside,” shares Diane Kerbs, AZ Territory Sales for Johnson Pike. “The lighting’s nice, the weather’s beautiful, and it’s just fun.” Diane has been with Johnson Pike since 2010 and she recently shared valuable insights and product recommendations to keep your outdoor space safe and appealing.

Choose Durable Tableware

When transitioning to outdoor dining, safety should be a top priority. Opting for durable tableware, such as melamine products, ensures that your serving essentials can withstand accidental drops or windy conditions without shattering. Diane highlights GET‘s range of melamine products and unbreakable drinkware, providing peace of mind for both customers and staff. Additionally, RAK Porcelain offers stylish yet resilient options that enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor tabletops while prioritizing safety.

GET glassware

Adapt to Outdoor Elements

Outdoor dining introduces a unique set of challenges, including uneven surfaces and unpredictable weather conditions. Selecting products designed to withstand these elements is essential for maintaining a seamless dining experience. GET‘s outdoor-friendly drinkware, resembling glass but without the fragility, is an excellent solution for patio settings adjacent to pools or areas prone to wind. By investing in adaptable tabletop solutions, establishments can ensure uninterrupted service regardless of external factors.

Turn up the Heat

While prioritizing safety and functionality, don’t overlook the opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor dining space. RAK Porcelain offers a variety of tabletop options that not only meet safety standards but also add vibrancy with electrifying, bold colors, floral designs, or try RAK EARTH pieces for a terracotta look. From sleek dinnerware in different shapes to chic serving platters, these products make your outdoor space memorable.

Whether you’re exploring innovative tabletop solutions or seeking personalized recommendations, partnering with knowledgeable professionals streamlines the process of enhancing your outdoor dining space. “If you can, we encourage you to visit our tabletop showroom in Scottsdale to get personalized assistance with everything specifically for the tabletop,” Diane says. “We also have the National Restaurant Association Show coming up in Chicago on May 18-21, and Johnson Pike will be there to see what’s new and visit with our customers and manufacturers.”

If you would like to set up a time to meet with Johnson Pike at the NRA Show, let us know!