RAK Porcelain, SOLA & Stolzle

RAK, Sola & Stolze
RAK Porcelain USA, located in Oakdale, PA, has been serving America’s tabletops for over 15 years. They offer a wide range
of collections, including award-winning dinnerware, flatware, and glassware. Their mission is to passionately strive to attain excellence in local business operations and beyond and raise the standards of their customer’s expectations and deliver beyond that standard.

Dinnerware is their specialty. Their products are incredibly durable due to an extremely high alumina body. The best part is that they produce dinnerware with extremely high yields, which means a very affordable price point for the end user. Their wide range of patterns offers a rainbow of aesthetics.

Available in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, El Paso (TX), New Mexico, Utah & Wyoming

RAK Porcelain
Flateware, Glassware, Porcelain Tableware

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