Small Updates Make a Big Difference with Buffet Presentation

Buffets are gaining in popularity again after taking a drastic hit during and after the pandemic. More restaurants and hospitality venues are bringing the buffet back in a big way. Is your buffet in need of an upgrade?

Matt Robinson, an End User Specialist with Johnson Pike, shared his insights on keeping your buffet presentations current and visually appealing. “Minor updates can significantly transform your buffet display, ensuring your banquet space remains contemporary without needing an extensive overhaul,” he said.

Johnson Pike is known for partnering with forward-thinking manufacturers dedicated to innovation; banquet solutions are a big part of that. Matt reveals the secret lies in subtle yet impactful updates to your buffet setup. “The shape, design, and color of your plates and cups, the styling of your flatware, or the presentation platforms for your serving dishes can altogether rejuvenate your display.”


See Matt Robinson talk about buffet solutions.


Johnson Pike represents several manufacturers, each bringing something unique to the table (literally!) in terms of design, materials, and color for buffets. Here are a few to consider:

RAK Porcelain: RAK Porcelain is known for its exquisite dinnerware that combines durability with design excellence. From luxury to simplicity, their latest offerings explore new shapes and color palettes, ensuring that every meal presentation stands out.

G.E.T: Strata Buffetware is a modular system that grows with your needs. This well-priced modern buffet setup and stylish chafing dishes let you heat, chill, sauté, carve, and more. Heiss Cast Aluminum Serveware can add gradient color, so the bottom of the pan is darker and as you graduate up the pan, the vibrant colors will pop on your serving line. G.E.T. has your drink station needs covered as well.

MEPRA: MEPRA’s flatware collections redefine elegance with every piece. The brand focuses on contemporary finishes, ensuring each utensil is not just a tool, but part of the dining experience. MEPRA also offers contemporary serving trays for hors d’oeuvres in artistic shapes and textures.

Rosseto Serving Solutions: Rosseto is at the forefront of serving solutions, offering buffet display risers, chafing dishes, coffee urns, servingware, drink stations and more that are as functional as they are visually appealing. They also have mobile storage solutions for risers and shelves. Their designs are meant to enhance efficiency during service, while also elevating the presentation.

Spring USA: Known for the innovation and design of reliable, durable, and beautiful products, Spring USA specializes in induction cooking & warming equipment, buffetware, mobile cooking stations, and custom-built tables with hidden induction and cooling elements. They have a large variety of chafing dishes in traditional stainless steel, but also in several colors to match your ambiance.


Now is the perfect time to consider subtly and cost-effectively reinventing your buffet presentation. As Matt Robinson explained, the key to staying relevant can often be found in the details — the choice of dinnerware, the design of flatware, or addition of colorful chafing dishes. Johnson Pike represents the manufacturers with the equipment to allow you to present a renewed and vibrant buffet or banquet experience.

Let’s get started on rejuvenating the look of your buffet!