Supercharge Your Foodservice Success with These Solutions from the NRA Show!

This year’s NRA Show featured a range of exciting new offerings from various manufacturers. Today, we want to share a few of the standout solutions that are certain to improve efficiency and boost your business.

Super-Saturated Colors and Bold Earthy Designs to Make Dishes Stand Out

The beginning of the summer season is a great time to evaluate your tableware and consider whether it is time to roll out a new look or start to envision autumn plans. From RAK Porcelain and new RAK Earth options, to G.E.T. cheforward and Mepra, everything to make your place settings pop is here! Plus, the good news is that mixing and matching within any of these collections is easy and fun.

Mepra, RAK, & GET

Mepra – The Luxury Art

Mepra’s Fantasia flatware collection is the perfect blend of color and sophistication — vibrant colors and refined design. With an impressive selection of 28 colors and a range of serving pieces, this flatware adds a pop of personality to your table settings just in time for summer! Fantasia flatware in PVD finishes is dishwasher safe, ensuring convenience and durability for busy foodservice operators.

Cheforward and Heiss from G.E.T.

Buffet and tabletop displays were the name of the game at G.E.T. Cheforward brought large melamine displayware in natural, stunning earth tones and the Heiss metal ware line is available in more sizes and colors – making G.E.T. the go-to brand to bring your event spaces up to date with the latest trends!

RAK’s Le Ballet Collection

The Le Ballet Collection, featuring the Bravura, Fedra, and Spectra series, showcases Bone China’s simplicity and elegance. Bone China, known for its excellent chip resistance and luminosity, is an investment with a timeless design well-suited for fine dining, resorts, and upscale catered events.

The Bravura Series is all about curves, arches, and style. It is sophisticated, perfect for those who want to impress their guests. The fine detailing on each Bravura Collection piece will surely grab your guests’ attention.

The Fedra Series is another exceptional choice from RAK Porcelain. It offers a sleek design with a universal appeal. All pieces in the Le Ballet Collection have the same body color, allowing you to mix and match if you like.

Finally, the Spectra Series was introduced at the NRA Show. The collection’s elegant lines, carved in noble Bone China, enhance the presentation of culinary creations. The Spectra Series adds to the overall ambiance of the dining experience for your guests.

The Bravura Series and the Fedra Series are in stock now and ready to order!

RAK Earth

The RAK Earth Collection is described as taking inspiration from the world around us. This unique collection’s matte glazing process gives it the appearance of authentic terracotta while keeping porcelain’s smooth, non-porous surface. The collection’s natural resistance to thermal shocks and special polishing makes RAK Earth pieces perfect for high-volume restaurant use. The collection’s mineral tones and earthy feel allow you to combine and contrast beautiful designs, the canvas for your chef’s creativity.

RAK Porcelain’s new collections are perfect for chefs looking to shake things up with their tableware presentation. From the elegance of the Le Ballet Collection to the bold earthy feel of RAK Earth, each collection offers its unique style, functionality, and look for your table setting. 

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Blentec, Breville, Hatco & Henny Penny

Commercial Equipment Innovations That Amaze Guests While Helping Your Bottom Line

Technology was on full display – making production easier, faster, and more efficient while adding some awe-inspiring devices to WOW your team and your guests. The NRA show had everything from the Breville’s high-tech devices to the cost savings, time savings, and labor savings from Blendtec, Hatco and Henny Penny.


The full line of commercial Blendtec blenders was on display at NRA and Johnson Pike has multiple Blendtec products in stock for shipping now. The Stealth line handles big jobs while maintaining a quiet atmosphere. Your team can keep up productivity without disrupting communication in the kitchen or the front of house ambience for your guests.

Breville High-Tech Products

Breville showcased several high-tech products at the NRA Show, embodying the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology in the kitchen. Two standout products include the Control Freak and the HydroPro Plus.

The Control Freak is a heat induction cooking system created for precision cooking. Its real-time sensing system measures surface temperature 20 times per second, ensuring rapid recovery to the set temperature throughout the cooking process. With features like Probe Control oil, which automatically adjusts power during deep frying, the Control Freak provides unparalleled control and accuracy for professional chefs and the culinary teams.

The HydroPro Plus is Breville’s professional sous vide immersion circulator that takes precision cooking to the next level. It features a digital needle probe that displays the core temperature of food in real-time. The onboard storage and Bluetooth compatibility allow seamless transfer of cooking data to an app so you can review the data to achieve consistent results every time.

HATCO FLAV-R 2-GO® Pick Up Cabinets

Let your staff keep working and have HATCO FLAV-R-2-GO handle the take-out orders. The easy-to-use touchscreen order release system keeps the food at the right temperature until pick-up and allows the third-party delivery service or pick-up guests to access their food easily and independently.

Henny Penny Saves You in More Than One Way

Focusing on efficiency and ease of use, Henny Penny introduced the F5 Fryer, a game-changer in the world of deep frying. Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, this fryer goes beyond traditional touch-activation systems. Its user-friendly design features icons, pictures, and simple prompts that guide users through daily tasks, reducing the need for extensive training and supervision. By streamlining operations, the F5 Fryer enhances efficiency, reduces waste, and protects frying oil for extended use.

Our team was impressed with the innovation we saw in these, and many other products at NRA 2023. Whether it’s through the integration of advanced technology, the introduction of vibrant colors and designs, or user-friendly features that improve efficiency, these products represent the industry’s dedication to constantly improving and evolving.

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