Tackling Labor Shortages in the Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry is still grappling with a significant challenge: staff shortages leading to reduced service levels. A survey by the National Restaurant Association in the summer of 2023 revealed that 62% of operators reported not having enough employees to meet current demand.  In this environment, traditional methods of operation are no longer sustainable. Johnson Pike guides operators toward products that not only address these shortages but also enhance overall efficiency.

The Power Soak System </p>

The Power Soak System

Kirk Schoonmaker, Johnson Pike Territory Sales Representative in AZ, recently talked about the transformative impact of introducing labor saving equipment like a Power Soak system in commercial kitchens. In many establishments, a dishwasher’s role means being confined to a sink, endlessly scrubbing pots and pans. The Power Soak system, with its high-turbulence wave action, eliminates the need for manual scrubbing. Now, the dishwasher can simply load the dishes and return later to complete the task. “This shift not only improves working conditions but also reduces staff turnover, and makes for a happier and more efficient team,” said Kirk.

The SmartSteam Pro Steamer

Another labor-saving innovation is the SmartSteam Pro Steamer, developed by Electrolux Professional’s Groen. This steamer features built-in tray timers, allowing different items to be cooked simultaneously to their specific requirements. This eliminates the need for constant monitoring, freeing staff to attend to other tasks, improving productivity.

The SmartSteam Pro Steamer </p>
Hatco Food Lockers

Hatco Food Lockers

The rise in take-out ordering has been met with an ingenious solution — Hatco food lockers. “These lockers, designed for holding orders at ideal temperatures, offer a contactless, efficient pick-up system. The lockers can be configured for customers to enter their name at pickup, or they can receive a code to allow them access to their locker. This system not only enhances customer experience but also allows staff to focus on their primary responsibilities without additional burdens,” explained Kirk.

Johnson Pike strives to stand out as a partner in progress in the foodservice industry by offering solutions that integrate more automation and efficiency into everyday operations. 

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