Johnson Pike Now Representing American Range

We are happy to announce that American Range, a Hatco Company, is the newest addition to the Johnson Pike line card. American Range is known for its robust, efficient, and state-of-the-art commercial cooking equipment. Made in America with the highest quality materials and highly skilled employees, American Range is the brand of choice among professional chefs and restaurateurs. We are excited to bring American Range’s innovative solutions to our customers in CO, WY and UT beginning on March 1st!

American Range is renowned for manufacturing durable Restaurant Ranges and Green Flame Ranges built to withstand the challenges of a busy professional kitchen. The Restaurant Ranges offer a variety of configurations, including griddles, charbroilers, and multiple burners, which allow chefs to cook multiple dishes simultaneously using different cooking methods. This flexibility is crucial for culinary teams that need to adapt to diverse menus and culinary techniques. Whether searing steaks, simmering sauces, or baking bread, chefs can find an American Range product that suits their needs. The Green Flame Series with PBEIS – Pilotless Burner Electronic Ignition System – was designed to save money and energy for operations that may have lower volume needs.

American Range 48 inch Restaurant Range

The Medallion Professional Series is the ideal choice for a high-performance resort or any high-volume kitchen. It includes range top equipment options, including multiple modularized configurations of open burners, French Tops, griddles, hot plates, and broilers, while offering standard oven, convection oven or Innovection Oven options. The Medallion Professional Series can easily accommodate demanding 24/7 workload requirements while delivering a long life of consistent professional results.

American Range products are designed with efficiency in mind, helping kitchens save on energy costs while reducing their environmental impact. By optimizing heat distribution and minimizing heat loss, these ranges ensure that energy is used effectively.

In addition to ranges, American Range also manufactures broilers, convection ovens, cheesemelters, griddles, and other specialty equipment.

American Range has become a staple in many commercial kitchens for good reasons. By choosing American Range, you are not just purchasing kitchen equipment — you are investing in reliability, innovation, and ongoing culinary success.

Get in touch to talk about adding American Range to your kitchen, or book a demo today!  

American Range